About Rigii

The RIGII Children Foundation was officially registered by Janet Eikelenboom in 2009.

Thirteen years ago, her brother died. He left three children. Janet took care of these children and supported these children. From that point of view, she also wanted to help other children in Kenya. From Kenya, she knows how living conditions in the country are.

Janet Eikelenboom

Janet Eikelenboom

The children who help Janet and the staff in Kenya of the RIGII Children Foundation no longer have parents. Their parents have died, among other things, due to the consequences of HIV/AIDS. The children live with their grandmothers, who can't offer the children everything they need, such as paying the school fees and school uniforms.

The school the children are in is kiriko primary school in Kinari. Janet has a contact (Paul) at this school who ensures that all children actually go to school.

The RIGII Children Foundation is not just focused on helping children. She also helps the grandmothers who take care of the children, the school and in this way the whole community. This is how structurally built on a better existence.

The foundation relies entirely on donations from individuals or companies, but also of selling Kenyan products on various fairs by Janet himself.

For donations you can think of financial support, but also old computers or printers, clean and whole clothing, pens, booklets etc.. Unfortunately, we cannot use faulty computers and printers.