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Travel report visit to Kenya February – March 2018

After a good trip to Kenya I visited my family as well as visited several projects to see how it goes and made some donations.

I'm a.o. Visited Barainya Primary School in South Kinangop.

I've been looking at this school and talked to the executives there. It has been found that hygiene in this school was very poor. This is partly caused by the bad conditions in which the children are taught. We were planning to rebuild this school in 1st instance. According to the stories, however, it was better to start replacing a toilet block, the walls of which were completely rotten for example.

The community had already started replacing the toilets for the boys, 7 toilets in total. Rigii Children Foundation then donated 8 new toilets for the girls and they have already been placed. The children no longer have to worry about falling into the hole of the toilet or that the walls fall on them when they go to the toilet.

We also donated several storage folders to this primary school. We had sent the storage folders to Kenya in our last container shipment. The children were very happy with it as they can now store their papers nicely.

We still want to rebuild this school, we hope to start next year if we have collected enough money together.

Another project started by the Rigii Children Foundation is for a children's home. For this home we bought several young animals such as chicks, rabbits, ducks, pigeons, goats etc. The children are going to make sure that these animals can grow up so that they can take care of, among other things, eggs and meat. If possible, we want to continue to support this project by delivering young animals.

We also have the home equipped with two new printers.

I have also visited a number of children who we support at the various schools nearby. I always do this as much as possible before the schools close again for the summer, so again this time. They're doing well, they're doing their best at school and getting good grades. A boy has even graduated again, he's going to continue his studies now to become a car mechanic.

We also have three very poor children who live in our support projects in their grandmother's lives. They don't even have food, which is why we thought it was important to include them in our project. The children all go to barainya primary school. The tuition has now been paid.

I am only left to ask for your support, for the future, so that we can support even more children and schools!