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Travel report October-November 2021

Although Covid 19 was still not completely a thing of the past, after having done the mandatory tests, we were able to travel to our projects in Kenya. However, it was a few months later than planned. Normally we are there in the months of February and March.

Despite this delay, it felt like coming home again. The preparations had gone well and we could finally implement the plans. And….. we can show that everything has been successful.

Rigii Children Foundation has been supporting a number of children in their training for a full-fledged profession for years. Sometimes that does not work completely because something else is going on, for example getting pregnant (un)wanted or simply not having the perseverance. And sometimes it works out like with 10 who helped the foundation for a total of 8 years and now Francis who has just graduated as a car mechanic.

And so, fortunately, there are more children who have now received a full-fledged profession in this way. This remains the most important spearhead of our foundation. An appeal provides certainty.

The Muguga Primary school “Kulama” in Kiamba, about 60 kilometers from Nairobi, was also anxiously waiting for the help of our foundation.


The purchased goods were proudly shown to the entire school and of course the computers had to be tried immediately.

Everyone is satisfied even though it has taken a little longer due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It was worth it.

Paula Mercy Children Home was the second major project of this trip. Paula (in the middle of the picture) herself has a disability.

She has been a teacher and runs a home where she takes care of 30 orphans. 8 of “her” children are financially helped by our foundation so that they can go to a normal school. Paula also wants to try to build a school herself.

A kind of care farm has been realized on Paula’s site. In this way, extra income is generated and the children have a kind of daytime activity.  She has asked if the foundation can help expand this care farm. Our experience is that when you give up a charity, sponsors are also found. This time, too, we succeeded. The result was that the care farm could expand.

A goat and a goat were bought and of course they had to have a shelter. From the purchased material a beautiful loft was made.

One hundred chickens were bought by the foundation that will take care of both eggs and meat.

A pen for the two pigs that the foundation has also bought has been made and we have received a message that they have already provided a offspring.

And so the children have a kind of daytime activity and the food supply has improved.

No doubt you have read in the media that as a result of the war in Ukraine, the food supply in, among other things, Kenya is coming under great pressure. It is precisely in this light that it is necessary that our foundation and perhaps other organizations continue to support the people there. We certainly intend to do so and hope that you will continue to do so with us.

It goes without saying that everyone who received your help through our foundation was very happy and would like to thank you very much for that. We are happy to join in.

Best regards

Jannet Eikelenboom, chairman.