Old computers from library start new life in Kenya

NIJKERK – The libraries in Nijkerk and Hoevelaken recently replaced all computers. The old computers go through the Rigii Children Foundation to a school in Kenya. The computers in the library had to be replaced because they are over five years old. “We noticed that the new software and fast fiber internet that we have made demanded more of the equipment.

“We do not want computers to crash when customers or employees are using them.” said director Roel Zuidhof.

The library looked for a way to get rid of the computers in a responsable way. During this search they got in contact with Janet Eikelenboom. She is fron Kenya and established the Rigii Children Foundation which does a lot for the village where here brother once lived. Eight years ago her brother died. He left his three children behind. anet took care of these children. From this thought, she wanted to help other children in Kenya as well.

The Rigii Children Foundation not only focuses on helping children, but also supports grandmothers who help the children who do not have their parents anymore. They died because of the impact of hiv/aids. Janet also helps the school and this way the whole community. Janet is happy with the thirty computers they get. All data and software on them is removed by a professional company. Next month they will be shipped to Kenya in a container with other stuff. The computers are going to be used by the school in the village.

“Although they are depreciated in the Netherlands they are still perfectly usable in Kenya,” said Janet Eikelboom.

Source: De Stentor – http://www.destentor.nl/