Newsletter visit to Kenya 2016

This year we have also send a container to Kenya with lots of stuff in it. The container left at the beginning of 2016 to Kenya.

When the container arrived I was also present again to make sure everything runs smoothly.

This year, I had to stay longer than planned because the container had been delayed en route.

During my presence in Kenya, I was able to do 3 donations again on behalf of the foundation:

  1. Computers, supplied to a “new” school.
  2. Clothing and stuffed animals, donated to a children’s home for children with HIV.
  3. Roof repair of a school where the roof leaked a lot.

1. Computers, supplied to a “new” school

This year we donated computers to a “new” school. The school where we formerly brought the computers where already provided, so we have chosen a new school to donate the computers to.

This is again done with a lot of pleasure and was received with great enthusiasm.

2. Clothing and stuffed animals, donated to a children’s home for children with HIV

This donation was to an orphanage for children with HIV. All the children in this home have medication. Here I brought a lot of clothes and gave a lot of hugs. The kids where very happy with it! We spent all Easter time there to talk to the children and to see them play woth the brought stuffed animals.

What especially touched me was a little girl of 1 year old, her mother is deceased during labor and her father (who also has HIV) left the girl at the hospital. She is the youngest of the orphanage. The children live in the orphanage on average until their 20th birthday.

Furthermore this orphanage is seeking for cows and goats for the milk, as well as used computers. The children need the milk to survive and gain strength, but the milk is also partly sold, so that medication can be bought for the children. They need about 3 cows to be provided with milk, and to also have some milk to sell.

We will definitely be back for the donation of computers next year, but we also hope again on gifts so that we may also be able to buy a cow for this great project.

3. Roof repair of a school where the roof leaked a lot

When we, by chance, came back to my old school, we discovered the roof was leaking a lot. This is the Muguga Primary School in Kiambaa Village, in the city where I was born and spend a lot of years as a kid.  This roof we renewed during our presence. This way the school as wel as the local communitaty was greatly aided.

On this school there was a special boy that caught my attention and who we would like to support. This boy goes to school and besides that he works a lot because his mother is sick for already two years. Even the headmaster had never met his mother and has never been to his house. So we were happy to go with him to his house to have a look at the situation and to hear more. His biggest wish was that his mother would be better. His mother was very sick and she was sleeping. We woke her up and made sure she could go to the hospital at our costs to be examined and to get medication.

An examination revealed that she has severe arthritis and many inflammation in her belly. But because they are so poor they could afford this examination nor medication. The foundation took care of both.

Until now they have both survived because the boy went to school in the morning and in the afternoon he did chores for the neighbours with which every time he earned 50 cents. This kept them alive! This was so sad to hear and see. We have therefore decided to financially support this boy so that he can go to school and can also buy food and medication for his mother. We will continu this support until school is finished. We have already learned that he is very happy with our support, and it’s going pretty well with his mother now she is getting medication. This allows the boy to fully focus on school and she can return to work a little bit for some income.

The container also contained two tractors of which one we haven’t donated. We want to sell this tractor in order to get some money to start new projects. The other tractor was donated to the widows who we support, so that they can more easily do their work on the land.

This time it was a heavy program. Long hours, many days, many people met and busy schedules. But it was very useful and above all fun to do.

We haven’t been able to give away all the stuff, but they have been stored so with a next shipping from the Netherlands we can donate all at once.