Newsletter June 2013

In March this year, Janet again traveled to Kenya. There was a lot to be organized. The schools were closed for two weeks due to the elections. Fortunately, the elections went smoothly. After that ordinary life came back on track.

The work of our volunteer Mary in Kenya has become much heavier now there are also children going to secondary school. That is not in their hometown. Mary visits them there at the boarding school and arranges the payments. She receives a small voluntary fee for her work.

Despite the higher costs, the foundation chooses to let a child go to a boarding school after elementary school partly because at home it is much more difficult to do your homework. Also, the world of the child increases. A boarding school is a lot different than at home with Grandma. A quarter internally at school and then 4 weeks home.

John and Anita van Leeuwen, loyal contributors from the Netherlands came to Kenya in March as tourists but also saw a lot of the work of the foundation. They have seen the differences between a school with good facilities and a poor school in the countryside. Together with Janet and the volunteers they helped with handing out stuff at the school where the foundation helps in the countryside. The children were very happy with the balls, the signs and toothpaste and of course with the computers. You can all see this on the photos and videos of 2013.

Janet also went to a group of people who do not have their own place to live. The government has yet to arrange a home for them because they are homeless since a tribal war in 2007. They live in houses made of corrugated iron, corn stalks, wood and other waste material. The foundation has given them clothes collected in the Netherlands and a container is shipped to Kenya with the computers for school. The recipients of the clothes were very happy. The little money that they have can now be spent on food and not on clothes. Also this visit can be found on the photos and videos of 2013 so you get a good picture.

In February this year, the RIGII Children Foundation received a donation of € 500,- of the Protestant Church “de Ontmoeting” in Nunspeet.

The RIGII Children Foundation was chosen this year to receive part of the gainings of the Queen’s Market on April 27, 2013 from the Protestant Church Nunspeet. This donation was € 4250,-.

Thank you for this and to all others who have supported the Foundation with clothing, computers, toys and donations.