Newsletter june 2014

From February 21 to April 5, 2014 Janet went to Kenya again. This time she didn’t donate clothes, but she did donate money for making 60 school desks. And she did the necessary paperwork for the foundation. 

Before the school desks were made, the children shared one school desk on average with 3 children. Now this is changed and there are only 2 children sitting at one school desk. This will certainly better their learning.

The school desks where made while Janet was in Kenya. She did this on purpose to also give the economy in Kenya a boost. The school desks are perfect! The parents AND the children where very happy with it. The 60 desks where divided over group 6, 7 and 8 of the Kiriko Primary School in Central Kenya, 80 km from Nairobi in the direction of Lake Naivasha. As you can see in the photoalbum Kenia 2014, the desks have been presented to the school in a festive way.

We have been able to make the school desks thanks to a donation of the Protestant Community in Nunspeet. The proceeds of the Queen’s Market in 2013 where part of this donation. Therefore, we have specifically stated that on the desks that they have been donated by the Protestant churches in Nunspeet. The other half of the donation will be used to pay the school fees of the (15) children we support.

Janet also made the necessary home visits to see how the children that are helped by the foundation are doing. This way she can see if how they are doing, if they are beeing raised well and if they are going to school. The visits have been mainly to the grandmothers of the children. Also the schools the children go to where visited  so that they could also tell how the children are doing and if they are going to school or not.

One of the children went to the 1th grade of high school this year. This boy has some problems at the moment. His grandmother is dementing and does not recognize the boy anymore. Janet discussed this also at his school because the boy already has a hard time. The school will also pay extra attention to this little tough guy. He is staying at a boarding school now so will not be home with grandmother for the time being. During the holidays he will go back to his grandmother, but will also be taking care of by his uncle who also lives there.

The other children are also doing really well in the second grade of secondary school. Janet also went to there homes and talked to their schoolmaster. Everybody is really statisfied with their progress.

Furthermore there are 2 children who have done something special. One has taken the next step in his school career. He went to the Kenya Utalii College to follow a study to become a cook. Another child who is supported by the foundation is also doing really well. She is studying economics and will finish university next year.

In short, the foundation is working on sustainability, the children are supported long-term, also when they are almost becoming adults.

See the photos and video for more information.

Your donations are ofcourse always more than welcome, so that we can help even more children.