Newsletter May 2015

This year Janet went to Kenya again from February till mid April to visit the projects of the Rigii Children Foundation, but this year she did it differently than other years.

For the first time she has spoken to various parties involved, including even the children. She has visited the grandmothers and talked to them about how things are going with the kids. She also went to the school to talk to the teachers, to hear how things are going at school and if they went ahead with the children. She also talked to the children to hear from them how they experience everything and what their wishes for the future are regarding the support of the Rigii Children Foundation.

Janet never did these visits this way and was very happy to talk to the grandmothersand to hear how their grandchildren are doing. She saw and heard that the children luckily still have big dreams. But more important it was to experience that the children are very happy with the support of the foundation, because without us they can’t go to school. There are still a lot of children that need our help to go to school, unfortunately we can’t help all of them with financial support. For us it also applies that we can’t bring in enough funds for that.

During her visit to Kenya Janet also found out about a very sad story. One of the girls (16 years old) who has been supported by the foundation, decided to quit school, because of her upcoming marriage, which she commited to (at a to young age). The foundation started supporting this girl when she was in grade 5 of primary school, now she was in grade 2 of high school.

This is very unfortunate, we have tried to persuade her to continue school, but unfortunately this didn’t help. So you see, with our foundation we also encounter things we worked really hard for, but sadly somehow do not end well.

One of the people we support received a mobility scooter from us a couple of years ago. Last year we unfortunately received the news his mobility scooter was beyond repair. With the help of Molenaar Nunspeet we could give him another mobility scooter. U can image how happy he was with it, for him this means more freedom and being able to continue his kiosk. When handing him the mobility scooter it appeared that he is now married and has a baby, so that contributed to the fun!