Newsletter july 2012

In November 2011, Janet send the container to Kenya. It arrived in January 2012. Unfortunately a little too late so Janet had to stay a month longer in Kenya to distribute all the collected goods. Fortunately, Janet and her helpers were able to distribute everything on time.

Janet first went to visit the grandmothers. These women often have to care for their grandchildren because their children are deceased..

Each year Janet goes to another village to hand out clothes. This time a village that falls under the responsibility of Paul, one of the employees of RIGII in Kenya.

The work not only involves distributing goods. That became painfully clear when we were in this village and met a girl who was abused by her father. She is now safely housed in a special reception. The foundation has taken it upon themselves that she can return to school.

The foundation has taken care of another new girl. She lived with her grandmother and uncle together but had no house to live in. Janet discussed the situation with the employees in the village and discovered the circumstances were sad. Therefore this girl is the youngest daughter of the RIGII Children Foundation.

This year, the staff also visits the elementary school where all children that the foundation supports are educated. This time there the foundation gave them computers. Now the children of group 1 till 8 are given computer classes.

Of the many things that the foundation has received the children could be made happy with balls and notebooks and toothbrushes and so on. It was a feast for both the children and teachers and employees of the foundation.

We have another volunteer in Kenya so now we are with three.

With this good news we will end this newsletter. We hope to have given you enough information to feel connected to our work.