Visit of Janet to Kenya

Janet was in Kenya for one month this year. one month this year in Kenya. There, she worked really hard for the foundation. She has brought computers to the schools and clothing to those who need it.

In Kenya, she started a new project, namely to support widows who need to take care of their own children and grandchildren. This support means that they get a small loan to buy a chicken or goat. With this chickens or goats the widows can support themselves by selling the eggs, or by selling goat’s milk. That way they can start a small business. If they earn enough they pay back the loan without interest. This project is supporting another project which a group of 25 women had already started. They officially registered as an organization with its own bank account Also all the participants have signed a contract. Because these women are poor and only need a small amount of money, Janet wants to invest in a better future for them.

On the way the to Kenya Janet met a German man in the plane who she told about her work in Kenya. This entrepreneur, Peter Lazarus, was going to Kenya to visit his girlfriend and spend three days with Janet.He helped distributing the clothes and the computers. He was very happy to see Kenya in a different way than a tourist.

Because of the bad weather the road had turned into mud. The car Janet was driving with wasn’t able to slow down because of this and they had an accidant. Luckily without a lot of damage.

Once Janet was back in the Netherlands she couldn’t and started to sell handmade products from Kenya at fairs. This way she asked attention for the foundation. She was able to tell a lot about the work of the foundation. And with the help from friend Helen and sister Trudy, many items were sold to benefit the foundation. It was a big success.

Janet can not do all this without the help of those around her.

John works at Albert Heyn XL in Tilburg. Because he cares about the foundation, he arranged that the clothes they didn’t sell, will go to the foundation.

Marco, a neighbor of Janet installs new computers for his job at companies and institutions. He takes the old ones with hum for Janet’s project in Kenya.

All items that are collected will go to Kenya in december in a large container.

Photographs and video recordings of the projects are shown on this website.